How to apply for residency in Spain

How to apply for residency in Spain

Are you planning to start living in Spain? Ensure you have the correct paperwork in place to register your residence. Here are a few tips from Natasha Meah Layland of EBF Consulting.

When do I have to apply for residence?

If you plan to stay in Spain for more than 90 days then you must register to obtain your Residence permit (Residencia in Spanish). This must be done three months after you have entered Spain. Some regional offices will request that you prove you have been in Spain during these three months before processing your application.

What documentation do I need to provide?

This depends on your status at the time of application:

Employed by a Spanish business: Copy of passport, copy of registered employment contract as well as certificate of employment to prove the contract is still valid, registration at local town hall.

Self-employed: Copy of passport, registration of your business (modelo 036), and certificate of registration in the social security system, registration at local town hall.

Not working: Copy of passport, documentation to prove that you have private or Spanish public medical care, documentation to prove that you have sufficient finances to reside in Spain. This is usually proven by providing a certificate issued by your bank to certify that you have minimum funds of 5000 euros (this amount can vary in each region), registration at local town hall. In some regions, if you own a property in Spain, you will not be requested to provide the bank certificate, in which case you would attach to your application a copy of the purchase deeds.

Student: Copy of passport, registration in the public or private education system, documentation to prove you have public or private medical care, a declaration of responsibility to certify that you have sufficient financial resources to cover your stay in Spain, registration at local town hall.

Children: Copy of passport, registration at local town hall, birth certificate translated in to Spanish with the Hague Apostille, copy of parent passport and residence already assigned.

Is there a cost to the application?

There is a stamp duty of approx. €10 for each application. This is paid via the Form 790 (modelo 790) and must be attached to your application. If you choose to use an adviser then they will Natasha Meah Layland of EBF Consulting, provides some FAQs about making your move to Spain official Moving to Spain? Here’s how to apply for residency THE CANARIES A charge the corresponding professional fees. You will receive a document that looks a bit like a European driving licence in size (plastic cards may be introduced soon).

Where do I apply for my Residence?

Depending on your location you will need to go to the Foreign Office or the local commission of Police.

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What if I will not be staying in Spain for the 90 days but need to buy a car or property?

If you are not going to be spending long stays in Spain that exceed the 90 days then you will not have an obligation to apply for the Residence but you may have an obligation to apply for a Foreign Identification Number (NIE). Normally this is requested for purchasing a property, a vehicle, establishing a limited company etc. In this case you will need to provide a copy of your passport and a letter of to explain why you are applying for the NIE. This can be issued by the bank, a notary, lawyer, car dealer or a tax adviser.

What if I an not an EU Citizen?

As a non-EU citizen you will be required to apply for a Residence Visa should you wish to stay for more than 90 days in Spain, the different types but below are listed the most common:

Non Lucrative Residence Permit: If you are not working you will need to prove sufficient funds to live in the country and medical cover. The funds are much more than if you were an EU citizen and depend on the Region.

Business Residency Permits In Spain: You can set up a limited company and get the residency at the same time. If the project that you would like to start in Spain is of economic interest for the country (demonstrated through the business plan), you can easily have access to this permit as a self-employed worker.

Investor Residence Permit: This is known as the Golden Visa. You just need to invest €500,000 in Spanish real estate and you will easily get your residency.

Work Permit: Your future employer will have to process your application and you will not be able to work until this is issued. Applying for your Residence can be a challenge when having to deal with the local authorities, using a Registered Adviser can make it easier!


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