Introducing Our Brand-New Viewing Trips Guide

Introducing Our Brand-New Viewing Trips Guide

If you are planning to buy a home abroad for yourself then arranging a trip to view some properties will be a crucial part of the process. Having honed down your search area, you will want to take a closer look at locations, compare what’s available to buy, and meet the local agents to find out how to do it.

But how do you plan this trip? Do you arrange to go on holiday and then factor in a couple of days viewing properties, or do you sign up for a viewing trip arranged by an agent or developer? It really depends on how much hand-holding you want - or need. Of course, there are pros and cons of both approaches, but what is likely to suit you best, as the buyer?

That’s why we’ve launched a brand-new, free and independently researched guide to help aspiring buyers approach viewing trips overseas. It covers:

  • What a ‘viewing trip’ is, and how to distinguish between the different types depending on your requirements
  • Key dos and don’ts whilst inspecting properties abroad – including working with estate agents on the ground
  • How to properly prepare for a viewing trip abroad – including financing and key research tips
  • How to make the most of your trip so that it adds value to your overseas property search
  • Success stories from who’ve done it themselves
  • Plus, more…

download your viewing trips guide here

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