Where is it best to buy?

Where is it best to buy?

It depends on what you want and how much you decide to spend but there are also other factors to consider before you go ahead with your purchase. Along with accessibility, lifestyle factors once you’re overseas should also be considered, whether you’re retiring abroad or buying a holiday home. It’s advisable that you take the following into account when searching for your place in the sun.

Climate and Seasonality

A change in climate and a move away from the unpredictability of British weather is often the main reason why British nationals decide to buy abroad. Subsequently, exposure to year-round sunshine is proven to offer individuals tangible health benefits, a more laid-back lifestyle and accessibility to more outdoor activities (such as golf). Not to mention, it also makes us happier!

However, be sure to think about local conditions carefully, and do your thorough research into the climate. Certain southern European countries can reach 40 degrees in the height of summer which may be uncomfortable for certain buyers. Likewise, what are the winters like? Is the location prone to severe winter weather? Are there direct flights back home in the winter months? These should all be considered.


A key lifestyle factor is a local language. If you’re looking for a property in a region that is popular with British expats (such as Benidorm for example), the likelihood is that you won’t need to grasp the local lingo as much as if you were looking to buy in a less touristy area.

If you’re looking to develop your language skills, then take the time to learn more than the basics. There are plenty of resources to help you facilitate this both before and after your move including apps, books and workshops, and you may also find that there are language classes held in local bars and town halls to help you learn the language too.

Cost of living

This is especially important if you’ll be using the property multiple times a year as a holiday home or if you’re living in it full time. Expenses for day to day essentials will vary per country, regions and even cities and towns. Less touristy areas will be noticeably cheaper than tourist hotspots, whereas islands, where goods need to be imported, will be more expensive to purchase.

Cost of utilities also needs to be factored into your ongoing budget, as well as local healthcare and travel expenses. Yearly taxation is also another big factor (such as council tax) to be considered. Be sure to do your research prior and have these costs in the back of your mind when searching for properties.

Culture and community

When purchasing your new home do you have intentions of immersing yourself in the local culture, or would you prefer living amongst other British expats? Does a laid-back Mediterranean life sound appealing to you or would you rather the bustling city life? It’s important that you establish this from an early stage, as it will narrow down the regions, towns and even villages that adhere to your needs and requirements.

If you’re one to keep hold of your home comforts, then certain countries will accommodate this more than others. For instance, Cyprus continues to remain appealing to British buyers since they can drive on the same side of the road. Other countries which hold historical ties with the UK such as Malta, Barbados and Gibraltar also continue to remain attractive to the same demographic.

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