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Get Our Free Guide to Buying Property in Greece

Get Our Free Guide to Buying Property in Greece

Greece is a country brimming with culture; many are familiar with its long history and gifts to the world of philosophy, science, medicine, art and politics. And we haven't even mentioned its delicious cuisine, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and friendly people.

It is little wonder that it has been a popular destination for British holidaymakers and second home owners for decades. The recent financial crisis has proved a springboard for British buyers interested in owning their own place in the sun.

Unsurprisingly, the warm climate, laid backed lifestyle and obvious value for money make it a genuine prospect for many overseas property hunters.

From the stunning Greek islands in the Aegean or Adriatic seas, like Crete, Kos and Santorini to a more rural existence in the Peloponnese, Greece is definitely worth a second look.

As with all property searches it is important to understand the buying process to ensure you are not hit with unexpected costs or documentation.

To help you on your way we have just launched a brand new guide to buying property in Greece. It's completely free and provides expert advice on a range of subjects.

What you'll find inside:

    • Information on the most popular areas with British buyers, include Rhodes, Crete, Corfu and Kos
    • Tips and advice about the legal process of buying property in Greece
    • Detailed information about Greek mortgages, taxes, healthcare, living costs etc.
    • An insight into the world of currency transfer and how it could potentially save buyers thousands of pounds when buying property abroad
  • A list of useful websites and key terminology to help explain the buying process

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