Advice for Buying Abroad | Infographic

Advice for Buying Abroad | Infographic

Where is the best place to start when looking to purchase a property abroad? What will I get for my money and are there any local taxes to pay? What differences are there between buying a holiday home or a primary residence? Where is the best place for me to buy?

These are just some of the questions that might enter your head if you've ever considered buying property in another country. That's why A Place in the Sun asked 1,500 potential overseas house buyers exactly what they are looking for so you can see how your plans compare.

We have created a stunning infographic combining this data so you can find out where Brits are buying, what they are buying, how much their budget is and just how far £150,000 will go!

In case that wasn't useful enough, we've added further expert advice below to guide you along the way including valuable tips every overseas house hunter needs to know.

How much do I need to spend?

It all depends on what you're looking for and where you're buying. With the pound so strong against the euro, prices in destinations such as Spain and France are 30% cheaper than three years ago.

Where to start

Start your search on A Place in the sun where you can browse thousands of properties to get an idea of prices in your area.

Download one of our exhaustive 'Buying Guides' from the 'Advice' Section on our website to understand the buying process.

Legal issues

It is vital that you get your own independent lawyer to look after your interests, just as you would in the UK.

Read more about legal considerations when buying abroad here >>

Additional costs

You will need to budget purchase costs into your financial plan, these vary from country to country and will be explained to you by your lawyer.

Research trip

Taking a research trip is a fantastic way to test the water before taking the plunge, line up property viewings with agents and get a feel for the location and likely costs.


If you are thinking of retiring to sunnier climes it is important to bear in mind how this will affect your will.

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