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Problems with a Cyprus Mortgage? | Free Seminar

Problems with a Cyprus Mortgage? | Free Seminar

Judicare, specialists in legal services relating to investments made in property and land overseas, are holding free seminars for any concerned purchasers of Cyprus property.

Cypriot Barristers will be present to help attendees gain a greater understanding of the legal issues, particularly in relation to Loans taken out by purchasers linked to the properties, and their differences with the Developers of these properties.

By demystifying certain procedures and also seeking to clarify much of the misinformation currently being circulated in the public domain, clients attending the seminars will be able to understand what their options are and how to deal with the banks directly on the issues should they wish.

The seminars take place on Saturday 24th October at Birmingham City Football Club, and Sunday 25th October at Arsenal Football Club.

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Should you wish to attend/register for the seminar, you can contact Judicare on 01438 840258 or email them at [email protected].

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