Download our new 2015 buying guide to France

Download our new 2015 buying guide to France

Buying a home in France is rarely been just about the money, but bearing in mind little has changed about that alluring Gallic lifestyle, we need to mention the three very good financial reasons why it's a great time to buy a French property in 2015.

Assuming you are British and looking to spend sterling, then the euro is currently worth around 20 per cent less against the pound than it was a year ago. Mortgage rates are also much better than 12 months ago - we said they were good back then but now they are the best they have ever been. With 20-year-xes at 2.55 per cent - down from 3.50 12 months ago - the monthly cost of a €100,000 loan is €532 instead of €580. Then the piece de resistance - French property prices are predicted to keep falling - the FNAIM predict 3 per cent this year, so really, buying conditions have never been so good.

For more information about the popular areas as well as legal information, costs, services and ways to save money - download our new buying guide to France here

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