Italy in early summer

Italy in early summer

Spring and early summer are great times to visit Italy as you can enjoy the stunning scenery and mild climate without crowds of fellow holidaymakers. The many gardens and parks also come into their own, bursting with colour and new life. - the leading Italian property portal solely devoted to overseas home hunters - choose some of their favourite places for holidays or buying your place in the sun.

Italy off-the-beaten track

Italy still has many undiscovered gems. Castelluccio di Norcia, a unique ancient village rising in the middle of a plain, is well-known amongst locals for its mesmerizing flowers (Fioritura in Italian) which you can admire between May and July. This is also a very cheap area to buy a property because it is one of the less known parts of Umbria. Here property goes for € 1,200/m² and even less. In small hamlets you can find for instance a 3 bedroom property of 75 m² for €49,000.

Another place worth visiting is Pralormo. It is famous for its 13th century castle and its historical park which in April is full of tulips. Located halfway between Turin and Asti, Pralormo is renowned for its excellent cuisine and superb wines. Here properties are quite cheap: around €1,100 /m² compared to the average price in the province of Turin which is about €1,700 /m².

World famous destinations

You can head to some of the most popular destinations in your budget is higher.

Florence for instance. It could be more expensive if you want to buy a house here, but for what it offers it is surely worth it. The heart of the city is especially beautiful in spring with its 10 botanical gardens in blossom.

These gardens include the romantic Rose Garden, Boboli gardens and the Botanical Gardens which are the third 3rd oldest in the world after those of Padua and Pisa. They also boast unparalleled views over Florence.

By visiting early in the season, you can enjoy the beautiful Riviera and Amalfi Coast with their breathtaking views and mild climate in all their glory ahead of the crowds.

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