Exhibitor List Announced

Exhibitor List Announced

Olympia London - 8th - 10th May

Our second spring show at Olympia London is now only three weeks away and this week we launched the list of exhibitors who'll be flying in from around the world to join Jonnie, Amanda and Laura at the show. To view the exhibitor list click here.

At the show there will be over 150 agents and experts as well as numerous service providers including lawyers, tax and currency specialists and emigration experts meaning A Place in the Sun Live is your one stop shop to buying a property overseas.

Spain is still the most popular destination for Brits looking to buy property so as always it's very well represented with exhibitors showcasing beautiful properties throughout mainland Spain, the Canaries and Balearic Islands.

There will also be a French Village combining a mix of agents and developers with thousands of French properties for sale from across the country, alongside a detailed seminar programme featuring advice from French property experts and Q&A sessions. You'll also find Pavilions for Florida, Portugal and Italy all with specialist property agents, hundreds of properties and dedicated presentations and advice sessions.

If you're not searching for property in the above locations then you'll find there are also agents from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, the Caribbean, Malta, Turkey, Thailand and more!

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