New episodes of A Place in the Sun this week on Channel 4

New episodes of A Place in the Sun this week on Channel 4

Something else apart from chocolate eggs to brighten up your days in the run-up to Easter - a fresh batch of episodes of our TV series, on every day at 1.40pm on Channel 4.

If the hundreds of you at our spring show last weekend are anything to go by, many of you are looking in either Spain or Florida, so this week's episodes are essential viewing.

On Monday Jonnie was helping a couple with a budget of between £150k-£250k to find a home in arty Sarasota, one of west coast Florida's most exciting cities right now. 

On Tuesday we're switching to Spain and Sara Damergi (pictured) is in Almeria with a couple from Liverpool shopping with £90,000. This area is popular with buyers seeking something a little more authentically Spanish than the Costa del Sol.

Wednesday it's popular Orlando's turn, and we see how far £150k goes for a home suitable for retirement; before a swift right turn to Malta on Thursday when we investigate rental investments for £70,000.

We close the week with a trip back to Florida, with a particular focus on South Orlando, seeing what sort of five-bed homes a budget of £180k might buy. Some pretty fabulous ones, as you'll see...

The highlights of the second week of new episodes must be the two trips to exotic Costa Rica - starting on Monday 14th - as well as the Bahamas.

All the brand-new episodes are packed full of the latest market information, inspiring ideas and insider tips from agents and our presenters so you simply can't afford to miss them if you are thinking of buying a home abroad this year.


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