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A little help with all those extras when buying a property abroad

A little help with all those extras when buying a property abroad

Buying a property abroad isn't just about finding the right home in the right location at the right price. There's quite a lot of other things to think about such as getting to grips with the legal process of buying a home in your chosen country, understanding the tax and inheritance laws there, not to mention the actual process of moving your belongings, buying new furniture or sorting out the correct visas.

That's why at A Place in the Sun Live you'll find a whole host of companies offering services related to buying property abroad to help you on your way.

If it's legal advice you're after, there's E&G Solicitors (D23) and Irwin Mitchell (E52) who specialise in Spain, Studio Legale Internazionale Gaglione specialising in Italy (IT14) and Kobalt Law - a firm of international property law specialists who will be running mini-seminars on their stand (E62) covering the legal process of buying property in Spain, Turkey, North Africa (Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia) plus their top tips on planning your overseas property purchase, procedures and taxation.

There are financial services firms that can help you with your financial planning, tax and asset management, such as Harding & Associates Tax Services, Inc. (FL22), AFA Expertise and Heslop & Platt (FL7), Imperius Asset Management (PT7) and Yellow Capital (F62).

There are even two removals specialists that you can meet at the show, to talk about the process of moving all your worldly possessions to your new home abroad. Find Vortex Transport on FR4 and PSS International Removals on stand C14.

Tickets to A Place in the Sun Live cost £15 for two when booked in advance. Click here to book now.



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