Apply to appear on A Place in the Sun TV show

Apply to appear on A Place in the Sun TV show

If you're serious about buying a property abroad, then why not apply to appear on the TV show and get some expert helps from the presenters and production team along the way?

A Place in the Sun screen tests Apply to appear on A Place in the Sun

Freeform Productions, the makers of the A Place in the Sun TV programmes for Channel 4, are currently looking for participants for the next series of the TV show.

If you are planning to purchase an overseas property within the next six months, are a cash buyer or already have a mortgage agreed and would be in a position to make an offer if the team find you the right property, they'd love to hear from you.

The next series will focus on the winter sun destinations of Florida and the Caribbean, as well as Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Cape Verde plus Southern Spain and the Canary Islands. We may also be visiting other countries - just tell us where you want to buy.

To be considered, drop them an email giving them as much information as you can about the type of property you are hoping to buy, what your budget is and locations you would consider. Make sure you include your contact details so if your application is of interest, the team can get in touch.

Email - [email protected]

Please note, due to the large amount of enquiries, only applicants considered for a screen test will be contacted.


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