Brand new A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? starting on Monday

Brand new A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? starting on Monday


The final episodes of series seven of A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? will be shown on Channel 4 each day at 12.05pm.

First up is Dennis and Enid who have been itching to relocate for years. They have £250,000 to spend, but can't agree on where their dream property should be located. Enid's paradise would be Provence with its rural charms and fragrant lavender fields, bu Dennis who has never even been to France thinks they would be better off buying a home in the Lake District where he can enjoy long mountain walks and sensational vistas.

Tuesday's episode sees Sheila and Fred throw caution to the wind and relocate somewhere completely new after 42 years on the family farm, but will Fred persuade Sheila to up sticks and move to the Limousin region of France or will Sheila get her way and opt for one of the properties that Luke Doonan shows them on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall?

On Wednesday, Steve and his French wife Caroline get some help from Sara Damergi and Jasmine Harman to decide whether to buy a property in Oxford or in the Spanish region of Valencia, and finally on Thursday Richard and Jacqui go hunting for a home that will be perfect for their outdoor lifestyle in Devon and Cartegena, Spain.


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