Half of Brits want to emigrate; Oz is top choice

Half of Brits want to emigrate; Oz is top choice

New research from a visa application help website in the UK has revealed - not altogether surprisingly, given the source - that almost half of Britons would like to emigrate if given the opportunity. But the top 10 destinations revealed is interesting.

The study has revealed that Australia tops the list of places Britons would most like to emigrate to if given the chance, closely followed by the US and New Zealand; with 'weather' being the top reason for those living in the UK wanting to move.

The poll, conducted by asked 'Would you like to emigrate?' to which 48 per cent said that 'yes' they would like to live in another country. 44 per cent said they wouldn't like to emigrate, but the remaining 8 per cent of respondents were 'unsure' how they felt about the idea.

The poll then asked respondents that said they would like to emigrate where they would like to move to given the chance, asking them to choose from a list of options. They were allowed to select more than one answer. According to the poll, the top 10 places Britons would like to emigrate to were as follows:

1. Australia - 62%

2. United States - 58%

3. New Zealand - 51%

4. Canada - 36%

5. Brazil - 33%

6. Turkey - 29%

7. Spain - 25%

8. UAE/Dubai – 18%

9. Norway - 16%

10. France - 11%

Respondents were then asked why they would most like to emigrate, if they had earlier admitted that leaving the UK was something they would consider. The following reasons formed the top 10:

1. For better weather - 71%

2. In search of a better career - 64%

3. For a more laid-back lifestyle - 52%

4. Friendlier people overseas - 48%

5. Lower living costs - 44%

6. Better availability for activities - 39%

7. Lower stress levels - 32%

8. Less crowding - 27%

9. Educational standards - 25%

10. Following family - 9%

“With the winter we've just had it's no surprise that 'better weather' came out on top of the list of reasons why people would want to leave the UK," says Gary Smith of

“Australia being the favourite place is again unsurprising, as the country is renowned for its sunshine, laid-back lifestyle and friendly people. The thought of sunning yourself on Bondi beach after a day in the office is understandably appealing!”

However, despite almost half of Britons claiming they would like to emigrate (48 per cent) just 5 per cent of the total respondents said they thought they'd actually take the steps to leave the UK in future – with 'financial situation' the most common reason holding people back.

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