Affordable Italian lake homes: look to Iseo

Affordable Italian lake homes: look to Iseo

Italy remains in our top five favourite places to buy property in and here we focus on the lakes, some of Europe's most beautiful.

Of course some, like Lake Como, home to George Clooney, are very famous and are holiday-property hotspots, whilst others are less known outside Italy.

For affordable homes, it's good to look away from the big names of the lake region - Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont in northern Italy - to the other stunning lakes that also boast breathtaking views and attract Italians and foreign visitors alike.

People tend to purchase properties based on market trends like Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, but there are several others that also boast breathtaking views, natural beauty and a lovely ambience.
One is Lake Iseo, also known as Lake Sebino, the fourth largest lake in Lombardy.

Such is its popularity as a holiday resort that you will see a large number of cars with number plates from France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, to name a few. It's also very beautiful in the "shoulder seasons" of spring and autumn when the glorious colours of the trees are reflected in mirror-like waters.
In Lake Iseo a two-bedroom apartment with a lake view can still be picked up for €145,000. For €200,000 and upwards one can pick up a large new two-bed apartment in an exclusive little complex.
It's also easy to reach: just north of Bergamo (Ryanair flies to Bergamo's Orio al Serio airport, although Milan and Verona Airports are also close by).
It measures 15 miles long and three miles wide and has an island, Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe.
Monte Isola, accessible by ferry, boasts a couple of very good hotels. Because there are only few buses and cars, it is a very peaceful and idyllic place to explore on foot or bicycle.
Lake Iseo's shores are dotted with charming towns such as Sarnico, Fonteno, Sulzano and Lovere, all with a wealth of history and culture and all a delight to discover.
The lake offers a variety of water sports such as sailing and waterskiing and windsurfing. Fishing is also very popular among locals. Additionally there is a good selection of walking and cycling trails and in winter, a large number of skiers flock to nearby Montecampione.
"As mentioned above, property prices are very attractive and there are several newbuilds in the area to please investors (pictured), even those who love traditional-style buildings as even new property here are built maintaining historic features," says Stefania Russo of Italian agent The Property Organiser, who are selling homes on Lake Iseo.

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