Sicily: magical island, affordable property

Sicily: magical island, affordable property

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, an enchanted place where the sun has a continuous visit.

According to the ancient Greek poets, the Gods of wind, the Cyclops and the mermaids resided in this wonderful place, by the coast or in the sea.

To live in Sicily, nowadays, means a rich culture, warm hospitality and to breathe thousands of years of art and history in the fabric of the towns and villages.

Lifestyle, food, beaches, cliffs and shores, everything is enjoyable in Sicily: from the capital Palermo and the northern coast going from Messina to Trapani, served by a motorway, or down towards the coasts of Sciacca, passing through the centre where the Roman mosaics of Villa del Casale are, finally to Siracusa, with its Greek theatre still in use for tragedies, or baroque Ragusa and its marvellous Ibla (lower town), a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sicily has inspires many people during its history - including the writers Goethe, Dumas and De Maupassant, and the beautiful architecture continues to attract visitors, especially historical palaces full of signed frescoes to villas built on the rock, facing the sea with a private beach.

Second-home hunters from outside Italy are also slowly growing in number, as old associations with the Mafia fade from memory.

Houses in Sicily start at around €75,000, whilst you can buy a small villa close to the sea for €150,000, according to Massimo Di Martino, General Manager of agency R'Estate in Sicily, who offer an English-speaking service (relatively rare in Italy).

"Or for €1.65m there are houses to dream about, with private access to the sea.

"We put our attention to the quality and the atmosphere of our houses, making guests and future residents fall in love with the island of beauty!"

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