New advice video for Brits moving abroad

New advice video for Brits moving abroad

Moving abroad is a massive step. The dream of escaping the daily commute and British winters is one thing, yet there are an awful lot if practical things that must be considered too.

Even before you start shopping for a property you must start researching aspects of residency in your preferred country so you are fully informed about what your life might involve.

What is the tax situation? How is the inheritance law different? How does the healthcare system work? What happens if something goes wrong?

You may think you know the basics, but do you appreciate the benefits of taking out a mortgage in the local currency; or do you know how looking at state pension forecasts can help your financial planning?

All this and more is now available in a user-friendly film produced by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), in conjunction with the Buy Association.

British property owners abroad, lawyers, agents and consuls based overseas provide snippets of useful advice about embracing a new life in the sun. Click here to watch the video.


A Place In The Sun