Cheap Abruzzo property: the bear essentials

Cheap Abruzzo property: the bear essentials

We featured the Italian region of Abruzzo a couple of weeks ago on our homepage but after a huge wave of interest, we are talking about it again!

To recap, Abruzzo, in central Italy, has been called the 'green heart of Europe', with a third of its entire area being protected national parkland.

The flora and fauna of this wonderfully unspoilt region includes red deer, wolves, wild boar and the revered Marsican bear - symbol of the Abruzzo - subject of new road-safety campaign.
This project 'Salviamo L'orso' (Let's save the bear) - starting this summer - includes road signs and information for drivers, highlighting areas where bears are present, plus reflective devices to warn bears of imminent traffic on the road.

Abruzzo is very fortunate to have such amazing residents, and this diverse and fascinating region has so much to offer people wishing to buy property there, either as a holiday home or as an exciting new adventure, going to live here.
Abruzzo boasts an astonishing choice in just one region - magnificent mountains, clear rivers, beautiful lakes, colourful woods, spectacular gorges, turquoise sea, medieval villages, cultural and traditional events and festivals, authentic cuisine, the list is endless.
In addition, you will find that the Abruzzese people are the most hospitable and genuine people you could hope to meet.
If you are considering buying property you will find a great range of choice, whether you are looking for a renovation project, a characteristic country house or an impressive villa, with prices from under £50k for a property in need of some TLC.
One port of call should be, a national estate agency set up to help foreign buyers.
We are a multi-national team, giving you the best of both worlds. Not only will you meet somebody who speaks your language, whilst our Italian agents offer many years of estate agency experience and knowledge," says Tracey Nicholas. "We believe that we understand the property needs of our clients and so we select our properties carefully - characteristic properties, in good positions with beautiful views, and with realistic prices, not inflated for the foreign market. "We don't just help you with the 'bear necessities' of house purchasing - we offer a comprehensive package, from helping you to choose properties to view, right through to our after-sales services. So, don't delay, get in touch!".

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