10 ways to cut your Florida villa running costs

10 ways to cut your Florida villa running costs

Climate has a lot to do with the fact that running a Floridian rental property is quite an expensive business. It's for this reason that although Orlando is one of the top rental hotspots, year-round occupancy levels are counteracted by the high costs of maintaining a pool and running constant air conditioning to combat humidity.

"A pool can cost $100 a month to maintain, a hot tub will add more, plus you need to add around $150,000 a month to cover management fees and insurance," says Carol Chant of Dream Homes Orlando, after years of dealing in rentals and sales.

So here she suggests 10 ways to cut your running costs so they eat into your profits that little bit less...

1. Switch the water heater to "vacation mode" when your property is empty.

2. Adjust the aircon to above 80 degrees just to keep it ticking over whilst it's vacant.

3. Consider putting in a system that will allow you to remote control your aircon and pool heater from your PC.

4. Put a lock on the pool heater and timing clock to stop tampering.

5. Install a sensor that switches off the aircon when external doors left open.

6. Put locks on external water taps to prevent usage.

7. Buy a pool blanket to help retain heat during cooler months.

8. Use ceiling fans in each bedroom and living area so they can be used instead of turning up the aircon.

9. Only put native Floridian plants in the garden - irrigation will cost less.

10. Consider locking the doors of bedrooms not in use so cut costs if you have a smaller group of guests.

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