How best to relocate abroad with teenagers

How best to relocate abroad with teenagers

Taking your family out of its comfort zone to move to a new country can present a host of stresses. Relocating with teenagers can be especially difficult because, unlike younger children, teens have built a life for themselves in the UK, honed their social skills here and formed close friendships.

Thus to approach a move abroad, it is essential that you keep your teenagers involved at every stage, says David Hollins of Crown Relocations.

"Encourage positivity by giving them responsibility for specific parts of the move, for example teenagers are often more computer savvy than their parents, so getting them to research neighbourhoods, how to transfer a driving licence, schools etc," he says.

Crown Relocations have an online guide to moving with teenagers, but here are some examples of tips they offer:

1. Involve the children in making plans, ideally taking them with you when you visit a new city or your new home.

2. Help your child learn about the new city, going to libraries, tourist information, book stores, the internet.

3. Talk to them about the move at every stage. Encourage them to talk about their feelings, ask questions, tell them why you are moving etc.

4. Before you go make a final visit to their favourite places, recording memories, and also encourage them to exchange addresses/emails with friends.

5. Research places they might like, for example museums, shopping malls, sports facilities, cinemas, and discuss these with them.

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