Hamptons International goes affordable

Hamptons International goes affordable

Hamptons are a well-known name on the high streets of southern England, yet their international arm has lost it way in recent years.

Now, though they are announcing a new direction, following the arrival of Alasdair Hedley as Head of International, focusing on core markets, and covering all price bands.

"My objective is to bring our average property purchase down from £4.5 million to £400,000. The former level was totally unrealistic as many of our target market are not going to spend that on their UK home, never mind their second home, which is generally less expensive," says Mr Hedley.

"Our key focus is Spain, France and the USA, of which nearly half our listings are in Florida. We have a key partnership with Coldwell Banker there, and growth in this area is our strategy."

One of the properties amongst their 5,000 Florida is this four-bed villa with a pool in Beneva Oaks, Sarasota, £475,376. Find out more at Hamptons International's website.


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