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FCO's top tips for relocating your family to Cyprus

FCO's top tips for relocating your family to Cyprus

Try before you buy

Cyprus is a wonderful place to live and bring up children, it is exceptionally family focused, the outdoor life is great, and the kids can probably have more freedom than you would let them have in the UK.

But if you are thinking of relocating your family to Cyprus I would strongly recommend that you initially rent a place before you buy. You need to ensure that the place you choose to stay is right for your family, has adequate schooling, is possibly where other British families are, and is a place where you would like to live and can afford to live all year round. Renting for between six months to a year will give you far more insight into living in Cyprus without the big commitment of purchasing a property. It therefore takes out the “scary” factor of moving lock, stock and barrel from the UK.

Insure and go

As part of the residency requirements, people under retirement age need to prove that they are financially stable and have private medical insurance. Unfortunately, each year we see several cases where families have not registered, have no medical insurance, and are in the difficult position of trying to raise funds for medical treatment.

If you are planning to stay in Cyprus for more than 3 months you are required to apply for residency. Without this, you cannot legally work, claim any benefits you may be entitled to, or make use of the state hospital facilities. Once you have obtained a residency permit, you can then apply, through your local state hospital, for a medical card. If you are not paying social insurance contributions in Cyprus you will not be eligible for state healthcare.

Swot up on schools

The good thing is that Cypriots take education very seriously and school attendance is compulsory up to the age of 16. Registered European citizens are entitled to state education however all tuition in the state school is conducted in Greek!

All English language schools are fee paying [but more affordable than the UK] – so it is vital that you research the school to ensure it meets the requirements of your child's educational and social needs.


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