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Olympics won't dent British holiday plans this summer

Olympics won't dent British holiday plans this summer

Despite the Olympics, Diamond Jubilee and European Football Championships celebrating the best of British this summer, 90% of Brits have said that they have not changed their holiday plans for this year, and are still planning to journey abroad.

The news is positive for those looking to rent holiday homes in traditional Brit holiday areas, who will not be as affected as previously thought. According to the survey's findings one in 10 Brits (11 per cent) will flock to Spain this year and a further six per cent will visit either Portugal or Italy.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert from TravelSupermarket commented: “Brits place a very high value on their main summer break and many will have been expecting a huge event like the Olympics to have a massive impact on summer holiday plans in 2012. In reality, nine out of ten Brits refuse to let anything get in the way of their traditional summer break. Not even a once-in-a-generation event such as the Olympic Games.”

However, it seems that those renting out their homes need to be realistic about the revenue they can generate. The survey found that 42 per cent of those asked identified price as their number one holiday consideration, beating typical factors such as weather (chosen by 32 per cent) and accommodation (26 per cent).

In 2011, the average British holidaymaker spent £829 on their main holiday (flights and accommodation), but in 2012 holiday budgets have dropped to an average of £642.


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