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Pixar inspired ‘Up’ house sold to California couple

Pixar inspired ‘Up’ house sold to California couple

A home based on the iconic house in Pixar's Up has been sold to a California couple for $400,000.

The colourful home, located in the Salt Lake City suburb of Herriman in Utah has been designated the "official" Up house by Pixar and Disney. It was built by designer Adam Bangerter and features every possible detail from the movie, including a blue kitchen complete with retro fridge, microwave and oven.

"[The house] illustrates what home ownership really is, and it's not an investment. It's part of the American dream to have a house to care for, to improve and to make part of your family." commented Bangerter.

The new owners are Clinton and Lynette Hamblin of Petaluma, California, who had long searched for a home similar to the one in the film. When they heard that the Herriman house was for sale they travelled to view it and were surprised to find the price tag lower than many of the homes they had been looking at in their home state. "We just love the message of the movie – adventure is out there," said Lynette.

The Up house has been a boon to tourism in Herriman and has been viewed by more than 45,000 people.

Photograph: Paul Fraughton/AP


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