France named as top country for expats raising children

France named as top country for expats raising children

France has topped the Raising Children Abroad league table as the best country for expats to bring their children up in.

The table ranks countries on three main factors important for expat parents: childcare, health and wellbeing, and integration. It shows that children in the top three countries (France, the Netherlands and Australia) appear to lead a much healthier lifestyle and are more likely to be spending more time outdoors and playing sport.

France also scores highly for social integration amongst expat children, with expat parents who have relocated to France more likely to say their children are not missing friends and family at home, 58%, compared to the global average of 35%. Parents surveyed also believed that they spent more time with their children since relocating and 62% think their children are safer following their relocation.

“Expats with children will obviously be putting their children's needs at the forefront of their relocation decision. For many expat parents, the knowledge that their children will be able to easily integrate into their new community will outweigh any other decision” said Lisa Wood, head of marketing at HSBC Expat.

The UK is last in the Raising Children Abroad league table due to expensive childcare costs and poor social integration. Nearly one third, 27%, of parents who had moved to the UK believe the social integration of their children has deteriorated since relocating.

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