Japanese government plans to build Tokyo ‘back up’ city

Japanese government plans to build Tokyo ‘back up’ city

The Japanese government has announced plans to build a 'back up' city on the outskirts of Tokyo, which would house 50,000 residents and 200,000 workers in the event of a serious earthquake or tsunami.

The backup city called (somewhat unimaginatively) IRTBBC or Integrated Resort Tourism, Business, and Backup City will be built on a 1,236 acre site 300 miles west of the existing city.

The last earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused major problems in Tokyo for weeks, often leaving people without power despite cold temperatures. So the government has proposed to develop a 'parallel universe' in order to prevent a replay of this unfortunate scenario.

The aim behind the city is to ensure that government business can carry on as normal, but offices, resorts, casinos, and parks will also be made available and there will be investment opportunities available to developers and businesses.

While the scheme is still in the planning stages at the moment, government officials have pledged 14 million yen (around £115,000) in order to test its feasibility.

Hajime Ishii, a member of the ruling Democratic Party said: 'The idea is being able to have a back-up, a spare battery for the functions of the nation."


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