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Help for overseas start-ups

Help for overseas start-ups

Recent reports that seven out of ten expats believe that their start-up businesses have been helped by moving abroad will have many of us dreaming of a life overseas.

And one company is on hand to make sure that a move to Spain is one which is going to provide a financial return, as well as being a positive change of lifestyle.

Business Finder Mallorca works with prospective business owners to find and sell them an established money-making business in either Mallorca or Tenerife, and they have a huge range of opportunities for sale including bar and catering businesses, night clubs, shops, hotels, yachting industry and investment ventures.

They will also offer dedicated aftercare, giving you all the advice you need to make a move to Spain and to run a business successfully, as well as helping with finding you a new home, a reputable school for your children, registering at a doctors, setting up a bank account, and registering your family abroad.

A spokesman for the company said: “To live and work in another country is a unique opportunity to get to know a country and its people, as well as to understand and embrace new cultures and experiences.”

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