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Taylor Wimpey de Espana offer tax free homes

Taylor Wimpey de Espana offer tax free homes

Taylor Wimpey de Espana have announced that they will be matching the Spanish government's new 50% reduction in VAT, in order to offer tax free homes.

The move will mean that no VAT will have to be paid on any new property purchased through the company before the end of 2011.

The Spanish government estimated that with their reductions a buyer purchasing a €200,000 home would save an average of €8,000. And Taylor Wimpey de España's will spark even more tax savings for buyers.

Ignacio Osle, sales and marketing manager of Taylor Wimpey de España, said: "Whilst this action will not fully solve the problems of oversupply in some areas of the Spanish property market I believe it will stimulate action both with potential buyers who have been cautious to commit and the Spanish construction industry which is extremely keen to get moving once again.”

Osle also believed that British buyers in particular can also benefit from a favourable exchange rate in the country . "Now is the perfect time to invest in a new home in Spain. The reduction in IVA (the VAT equivalent) combined with the favourable Euro - Pound exchange rate mans that British buyers can make hefty savings without compromising on quality,” he said.


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