Ex pat children have 'a better quality of life'

Ex pat children have 'a better quality of life'

80% of expats surveyed by believe that their children have enjoyed a better quality of life since their relocation.

And 85% of those surveyed by the site said that they intended to continue living abroad for the considerable future. This is despite the survey's findings that Brits who relocated missed British institutions and products such as Top Gear, M&S, Eastenders, Cadbury's and Salad Cream.

Over half (53%) of those who were surveyed cited a change of lifestyle for the reason they had relocated, with a surprisingly low 10% blaming the weather. And it seems as if the idea to relocate was seen as a hugely positive one with a quarter of respondents said they would consider moving elsewhere overseas before contemplating returning to the UK.

Expats positive experiences abroad will prove to be a relief for those considering a move. While the survey also found that people's money wasn't going as far as a result of the eurozone crisis, the high numbers of those who wanted to continue their lives in the sun shows that investment in the overseas property market, especially among Brits, shows no sign of waning.

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