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Buy a home in America for 61 pounds

Buy a home in America for 61 pounds

If you're desperate to get on the property ladder and don't mind a house that's a little on the small side then an American firm could have the solution, having launched flat pack homes for just £61.

The DIY homes which come in kit form are the brain wave of The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and start from as small as 65 square ft. Each home comes with a fully functioning kitchen, a composting toilet and a place to sleep. The environmentally friendly houses also come with wheels attached so that they can be easily mobile.

And if your DIY experience is not up to scratch, ready-made models can be purchased for £24,268, significantly under the average UK house price of £165,914.

In America many states do not require planning permission for structures under 120 square ft and so the homes are proving popular with people who want a spare room for guests or an office space.

Tumbleweed founder Jay Shafer said: "People spend 30 years or more paying for all this space and stuff that they don't really need. But they are starting to understand that excess is not necessarily a luxury. It can be a burden, a liability”

“I find nothing demanding about Tumbleweed. Everything's within arm's reach and nothing's in the way – not even space itself." he added.

If you're after a property with slightly more space then why not search our listings for property in America ?

Picture credit: The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

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