Singapore to curb the number of expat workers

Singapore to curb the number of expat workers

From January 2012 changes to the law in Singapore will limit ex pat workers from seeking employment in the country.

The ruling People's Action Party has responded to complaints from the Singapore public who believe the growing ex pat community is stopping them from gaining employment and school places for their children.

Ex pats have previously been encouraged to participate in industries where locals lacked the skills and have been working in sectors as wide ranging as casinos and energy companies, according to the Telegraph. Unfortunately these skills have largely failed to 'trickle down' to the local work force and ex pats have found they dominate in certain areas.

The new rules mean that those without residency status will have to apply for an employment pass before being allowed to work. In order to be accepted they must be earning £1,527 a month in their home country.

Those who do not qualify for the employment pass may still be able to work, but will incur significant charges for their employers making them less likely to be employed.

Singapore's minister of manpower was reported as saying: "Our aim is to avoid increasing dependence on foreign workers over the long term, by keeping the foreign share of the workforce at about one-third."


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