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Australian new builds are the largest in the world

Australian new builds are the largest in the world

If size really does matter on your property hunt then you may be interested in a home down under. New build properties in Australia are the largest in the world according to reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The research shows that the average floor area of a new build apartment stood at 214.1sqm in the nine months to March 2011, with the average floor area of new build house stood at 243.6sqm. This is 9% larger than new builds being constructed in New Zealand and 10% larger than houses being built in the USA.

The largest houses are being built in New South Wales, with large apartments being constructed in the Northern Territory.

Perhaps as a result of space restrictions, homes being built in other parts of the world are considerably smaller. Denmark has the largest homes in Europe with an average floor area of 137sqm, followed by Greece (126sqm), and the Netherlands (115.5sqm). A new home in Japan will offer you 132sqm of floor space, while a property in Canada will offer around 177sqm.

Homes in the UK are the smallest in Europe at an average of 76sqm.

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