Strong overseas demand for holiday homes in Sweden

Strong overseas demand for holiday homes in Sweden

International demand for holiday homes in Sweden has increased significantly in recent years, according to fresh data released by the Swedish land registration authority.

The new Lantmateriet statistics reveal that foreign ownership of Swedish summer houses, land and farms has risen by 36 per cent since 2006, with close to 80,000 Swedish homes now owned by foreigners, including Brits, Americans, Germans, Norwegians, Dutch and Danes.

Henrik Roos, a property analyst at Lantmateriet, commented: "The Dutch, for example, who live in Europe's most densely populated country, buy here because of the vast expanse of land."

Roos expects many more overseas nationals to buy property in Sweden, with the country easily accessible from across Europe.

The country's strong economy and low unemployment level also suggests that the Swedish property market is also a good place to invest for those people seeking future capital gains.

Places like Malmo, central Stockholm and Gothenburg are generally among the most popular places to buy property in Sweden. Houses in Sweden are typically in greater demand, compared to apartments.


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