A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? Brighton or Gran Canaria. Channel 4 at 8pm

A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? Brighton or Gran Canaria. Channel 4 at 8pm

David and Adrian dream of an early retirement after years of preparation. They are ready to take the leap and they are clear about the type of property they want but there are still two final hurdles left... Where will they to move to and will David cope with leaving his mother behind?

With a budget of £250k David and Adrian are stuck deciding betweenbuying a property in Gran Canaria or Brighton, England. Can Jasmine Harman or Jonnie Irwin find them the perfect property?

Both destinations prove popular for lifestyle and social settings, offering the couple a new lease of life to begin their retirement. Characterised by beaches, festivals and the open sea air, it would seem Jonnie and Jasmine have their work cut out for them.

Gran Canaria is the third largest island in The Canaries, an archipelago of Spanish islands off the coast of Morocco. Often referred to as a small continent it boasts a diverse landscape consisting of mountains, canyons, desert areas, lush tropical forests and sandy beaches. It provides a year-round climate of hot sunny weather, making it perfect for retirement in the sun. It also owns some of the best beaches in Europe and its booming tourist trade runs year-round. The island offers a great social scene with regular English, Irish, German and Scandinavian expats. Additionally, a three-hour drive will take you around the island, meaning friends, fun and festivities are never far away.

Brighton, similarly, is a year-round city, sustained by two large universities and a thriving cultural and arts scene. Brighton is home to the biggest arts festival in England and has numerous public parks, thousands of listed buildings, nightclubs, art galleries, theatres and the greatest concentration of restaurants per head of population than anywhere else in the UK outside London. Although Brighton's beaches are made of pebbles, it has acquired blue-flag status for its cleanliness and still proves a great place to unwind. The weather in Brighton and Hove is generally slightly warmer than the rest of the UK. Brighton tends to have early springs, with very warm weather in the summer, combined with particularly mild winters. This is apparent by the many tropical plants that thrive in Brighton's parks and gardens.

Safe to say, Brighton may very well be the less-tropical version of Gran Canaria. But where will David and Adrian feel more at home?

Find out where they choose tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm, or catch-up with the show later on 4oD

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