A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? Aveyron or the Cotswolds. Channel 4 8pm

A Place in the Sun: Home or Away? Aveyron or the Cotswolds. Channel 4 8pm

Jim and Susan have been busy building up their business and have only been on holiday once in the last five years. Now their family has grown up they're on the move, but where?

Susan wants to a home in Aveyron, France and have a permanent holiday, but Jim loves the Cotswolds where they can be close to their kids. Will Jonnie or Jasmine help them to decide between home or away?

Aveyron, France, situated in the Midi-Pyrenees is home to ten of the listed most beautiful villages of France. It's perhaps the least-known département in France, one of the biggest and most sparsely populated in the south of France stretching over a beautifully varied landscape of medieval villages, adventurous terrain, and fairy-tale hotels. With Rodez Cathedral at its centre – a gothic medieval masterpiece that took over three years to complete, Aveyron is best summed up as timeless, a region on the brink of eternity. Owning a home in Aveyron would offer a very special way of life.

Equally, the Cotswolds, well-known for gentle hillsides, sleepy villages and for being 'typically English', provides the perfect English equivalent. Famous for its honey-coloured limestone villages in beautiful rural settings, the Cotswolds is an impossibly picturesque area of southern England, the largest area of outstanding natural beauty in England and Wales.

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