New Zealand property owners cash in on Rugby World Cup

New Zealand property owners cash in on Rugby World Cup

A rugby ball plus a house in New Zealand equals big money, according to an illustration on advertising billboards in the country.

A company called Go Rugby Homes is encouraging more New Zealand property owners to cash in on the rugby World Cup by renting out their homes during the tournament.

On the company's website, it says: "The law of supply and demand: more tourists than you can shake a stick at - and they need beds.

"Rugby-mad tourists need beds. Rent a property, caravan, single room even ... it's not rocket science."

It seems that the advertising is working. The New Zealand Herald report that more New Zealand homeowners are making their homes available for short term rents during the tournament.

The event is scheduled to be played over seven weekends from the weekend starting 10 September and culminating the weekend starting 22 October 2011.

It will be the largest sporting event ever held in New Zealand, eclipsing the 1987 Rugby World Cup, 1990 Commonwealth Games, 1992 Cricket World Cup, 2003 America's Cup and 2005 British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand. Around 70,000 visitors from overseas are expected to travel to New Zealand for the tournament.

Naturally, there will be huge demand for accommodation in New Zealand throughout Rugby World Cup 2011. Some homeowners have reportedly already managed to rent out their properties for the entire duration of the World Cup.


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