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Worldwide property leaders to discuss Middle East market

Worldwide property leaders to discuss Middle East market

The Dubai property market will be high on the agenda at the first ever Cityscape Connect business breakfast in Bahrain later this month.

The event will bring together property industry leaders from around the world to discuss all things property, including housing supply, transparency and provide an overview and economic outlook for property markets across the Middle East.

The once booming property hotspot of Dubai has suffered in the past two years due to a significant oversupply of homes in the emirate, which has led to a property price crash.

The housing experts will look at all aspects of the property markets in the Middle East with a view to ensuring that housing developments and wider infrastructural projects are better thought out.

The news will be welcomed by many Brits who purchased property in Dubai, along with other parts of the Middle East, during the height of the last property boom.

“We are delighted to bring together such an illustrious speaker panel for our inaugural Cityscape Connect business breakfast in Bahrain,” said Cityscape director of conferences and investor relations Sarah Meridith.

“Our panel of industry leaders will lead the discussion around critical issues affecting the real estate industry [in the Middles East], identifying new areas of opportunity for investment and development in the market.”

A series of worldwide property events will be run in major cities around the world including New York, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong and Singapore over the next few months.

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