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Investing in French property?

Investing in French property?

The French property market has long provided property investors will stable, low-risk investment opportunities, which yield healthy returns.

But while the majority of UK investors considering buying a property in France for investment purposes are traditionally drawn to places like Paris, the Alps, Biarritz and the Côte d'Azur, Pierre & Vacances, the sale-and leaseback property developer, is urging investors to seek French property investment opportunities elsewhere.

A Pierre & Vacances spokesperson says: “While these areas are popular for a reason, they can also be extremely pricey and so not necessarily the best option for people on a budget - or those keen to buy into one of France's up-and-coming areas in order to boost their ROI [return on investment].

“Although Pierre & Vacances has developments in the most sought-after locations of France, we also have new projects in areas that are far less well known to UK investors but are extremely popular with the French themselves - and therefore areas that have huge untapped investment potential.”

One French town that is off the radar for many UK investors is the beach resort of Courseulles-sur-Mer. Pierre & Vacances report that it is becoming a key attraction on the Normandy coast, and is finally starting to compete with its famous neighbours, Deauville, Cabourg and Bayeux.

The family-friendly seaside resort, which is split in two by the river Seulles, is especially popular with Parisians, many of whom have holiday homes here. This has created both a rental market and a potential resales market – both of which are appealing to property investors.

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