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New homes in Greece sell like hotcakes

New homes in Greece sell like hotcakes

There is just one villa remaining at Halcyon Hills, a resort property development in Samos, Greece, thanks to high demand for homes on the Greek island.

The remaining one-bedroom villa occupies a central location on the luxury five star resort & spa just a few minutes walk from the beach.

The property, which commands an asking price of £289,000, features a double bedroom, bathroom, shower room with exposed stone detailing and executive fittings, along with a kitchen complete with luxury fitted units.

There are a total of nineteen different property styles scattered throughout the resort and every individual property has been mapped and designed to take full advantage of the ocean views.

Finance is available for up to 50 per cent of the villa, including a 5 per cent cashback per month to offset against finance interest payments, although it is not clear if this has been factorerd into the asking price.

Additionally, there is also a buy-back guarantee on offer that apparently guarantees the developer will buy the property back from the purchaser at 150 per cent of the price paid for it five years after completion.


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