What would wind you up ?

What would wind you up ?

Expats in a corner of Portugal are warning other overseas buyers to research the local areawhere they are buying thoroughly, as even in idyllic rural spots unforeseen development can occasionally ruin your view.

Residents of hamlets Aporfiosa, gua de Tbuas and Malhada do Judeu, which are clustered in a valley north of Tavira, are fighting two electricity infrastructure projects that will see pylons and wind turbines installed across the surrounding landscape.

Keith Boak lives in the hamlet of gua de Tbuas in a property that will be 320 metres away from where the proposed wind turbines would be installed. When we chose to live in the hills of the Algarve, we thought the biggest risk to our well-being would be bush fires, he said. Now we know better. The biggest risk is invasive infrastructure development, power lines,wind turbines, and communications antennae.

Peter Esders, our overseas legal expert, says its vital to do some research locally before you buy because theres little that can be done once youve bought a property. There are searches you can do before youve bought the property to find out if this kind of thing is being planned, although its not as easy as in the UK. After youve bought the property the local authority or government can put in this type of plan. Yes, you can object, but like in any country its difficult to stop things like this happening.


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