Canada leads the world in city living.

Canada leads the world in city living.

If you could pack your bags and move to any city in the world, where would it be Barcelona, Sydney, New York, or even Bangkok?

Vancouver should be at the top of your list, according to the Economist Intelligence Units(EIU) latest liveability survey, which assesses living conditions in 140 major cities around the world.

To reach its results, the EIU rated each city using five categories: stability, healthcare,culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.
While Vancouver scored the highest, there was little difference in the scores of cities in the top ten, which included European cities Vienna (2nd), Helsinki (7th),Geneva (8th) and Zurich (joint 9th).

So how did the UK fare? Manchester was our highest scoring city (46), followed by London(51).

Worlds most liveable cities

1. Vancouver, Canada
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Melbourne, Australia
4. Toronto, Canada
5= Perth, Australia
6= Calgary, Canada
7. Helsinki, Finland
8. Geneva, Switzerland
9= Sydney, Australia
9= Zurich,Switzerland
46. Manchester, UK
51. London, UK
140. Harare, Zimbabwe


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