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About Us

Greece • Peloponnese • Argolida • Nafplio Purchase – Sale of Real Estate Detached House-Plot

  • Rentals of Main Residence
  • Management Ακιν?των, AirBNB, Booking etc. for short-term lease (vacation)
  • Real Estate Appraisals - Find out the true value of your property
  • We find the property you want
  • We have partners all over Greece
  • Golden Visa
  • We have a ready clientele of buyers from Greece and abroad. Trust us with your properties!

  What we provide to sellers

  1. Ready-made buyers' clientele
  2. Significant Promotion-Advertising in Greece and abroad, via Internet and companies we work with
  3. Targeting specific country-countries that buy in the areas of interest to us
  4. Special-sophisticated partnerships with other real estate agencies for best results
  5. Assessment of the real commercial value of his property
  6. Coverage and evaluation by Legal, Mechanical, Notary, by professionals we work with and recommend
  7. Accounting and financial advice and services
  8. Completion of the sale process in the ideal way

  What we provide to buyers

  1. Estimate the real value of the property they are buying
  2. Analysis of the real estate market of the area they are interested in before buying the property
  3. Analysis of all types of expenses
  4. Control of property by legal consultant, engineer, notary, with professionals of the kind we cooperate and recommend
  5. Free economic-investment study
  6. Exploitation-management of the property in case the buyer wishes to lease it to another as permanent holiday home (e.g. AirBNB, Booking) for a profitable investment
  7. Sending and sampling various properties, such as those of interest to the buyer, so that by comparison the best possible choice can be achieved
  8. Property insurance

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Bouboulinas 27, ?afplio 21100

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