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Curbsy is a Maltese estate agency working across the islands of Malta and Gozo.

We believe that buying a home should be a wonderful experience, filled with stories, happy surprises and love. Curbsy is a modern estate agency working to match home-seekers to their ideal home.

As our General Manager, Giovanni, says: “"When a family buys a new home, it's more than a transaction - it's a life change. We built Curbsy to bring back what really matters in a home purchase: the love."

We are building a company that makes a positive difference in our communities, and the start of such a movement must begin at home. The following are the three values that guide our processes, culture and decision-making.

Love is the foundation of what we do.

We match buyers with houses they will love, faster and with less stress than with traditional estate agencies.

Love is also behind three core initiatives: donating a third of our profits to good causes after three years of profitability, community volunteering days for all staff and planting a tree for every home sold.


Integrity to us means trust, respect, honesty and transparency.

We are committed to demonstrating honesty in everything we do. Processes and pricing are fair and consistent. All homes listed on our site are truly for sale.

We care about our customers and our community and have embedded this into our every day.

Curiosity is essential when you are trying new things.

We do things never done before in Maltese real estate, so we are constantly learning and improving.

Curiosity also means listening. After all, you can't learn if you don't listen.

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