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Enchanted Italian Province srl is a real Estate Agency based in Italy, licensee in Italy of the Internationale Real Estate Brand "Fine and Country". Its philosophy is marketing the exquisite quality of life of the vastly unknown Italian Province to private investors from all parts of the world, interested in acquiring for personal reasons a second home to themselves and their families. Far from the hussle and bussle of the main cities, and from the perils of the many tormented areas of the world.

The interest in the Italian way of life is growing worldwide, as the search for good quality of life, scenic Italian countryside and archaeological world heritage. This is now a good moment for foreign real estate investments in Italy: the market is a buyer's market, prices have now been going down for 8 years, and are expected to reach their lowest point within the next six months and to level off and start slowly recovering, from this two decade low. It will take them ten years to climb and pass the maximum hit in 2008-9.
International real estate acquisitions in Italy are only 30 thousands yearly, concentrated in touristic destinations in Sardinia and Tuscany, and in cultural town like Florence and Venice, or Rome and Milan, or famous places like Lake Como. The rest is noise: There is hence a wealth of incredibly interesting destinations to be unveiled and valued for the foreign market, just waiting to be promoted with appropriate, intelligent dedication.
Culture will be the leverage: foreign people interested in spending time in Italy in own property are more sensitive to vivid and live aspects of local social culture, and incredibly beautiful nature, than most agents normally think. More so than in return on investment, or net interest percentage of the rent. I will therefore market lifestyle, not so much investment.

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