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Calabria Property Consultants (part of parent company Calabria Realty Group) was set up in 2003 by David Thorpe and Tony Hackett after purchasing apartments in Calabria. They found the whole process very difficult and wanted to make things easier for other people to discover this beautiful area of southern Italy. Our biggest challenge is that most non-Italians do not know where Calabria is and would never think of visiting, however the area has something for everyone and the prices are the lowest in Italy.

Calabria Property Consultants have a network of agents in the area and can easily find the ideal property to fit any budget. Please check our website for the latest viewing trip offers and take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere during our 3 day trip.

We ensure the buying process is smooth and trouble free with support for our clients from start to finish throughout the purchase and we don't forget about you once you've bought a property. We have an extensive range of services, meetings and nights out to cater for those who have found their dream home in the sun.

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