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Stara Planina

About Us

Stara Planina Properties offers one-stop-shop services to foreign property buyers in Bulgaria since 1998. Our team has extensive knowledge of the country and the property market and the dedication to work in clients' interest. We have offices in Veliko Turnovo and Rousse and provide the following services, which are tailored to your needs:

1. We assist you in finding the right property for your requirements.

2. We advise you of the options and complete the purchase process in a well-explained and stress-free manner.

3. We make all the post purchase registrations and will provide any advice or help you may need whilst settling in the country.

4. Once you have bought your home we are able to look after it and manage any renovation or building works needed.

Please email us and we will send you our Buyer's Guide describing the buying process, all the costs involved in a property purchase in Bulgaria and what our services and fees are.

BREXIT note: Many of our British clients are worried about the impact Brexit will have on their status of property owners or residents in Bulgaria. Whilst there are details yet to clear we have the knowledge and background to help in any situation. Bulgaria has been a member of EU since 2007. Even before that date British were buying and living in Bulgaria in great numbers attracted by the variety of landscapes, beautiful nature, very reasonably priced properties and low cost of living. Nowadays Bulgarians are used to living together with their British neighbours and our clients have found that the local people are very welcoming. This will not change with the Brexit so, if you intend to look for a property in Bulgaria, do not worry, go ahead and contact us with your queries.

Contact Details:


4 Deseti february Street
(Yantra Hotel Square)
Veliko Turnovo


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