The Complete Guide to Buying Property in France 2023

France Buying Guide - A Place in the Sun

Updated for 2023!

Our comprehensive and detailed guide to buying in France contains everything you need to know about finding the perfect property across the Channel, including:

  • Where to buy in France
  • An overview of the property market
  • The purchase process
  • Factors to consider when moving to France
  • Visas, healthcare, retirement
  • And more!

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It’s no surprise that France is the second most preferred country to purchase abroad for British buyers, after Spain. It’s close to home, and its large land mass means that it caters to buyers with a range of property interests, from ski chalets to coastline townhouses, to countryside homes.

Yet, like buying anywhere abroad, purchasing a French property requires much thought and consideration. Therefore, we’ve produced and frequently update our essential guide to buying a property in France, which brings you all the information you need to help kickstart your plans in this truly stunning country.

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