Al Capone’s former mansion on the market for £5.6m ($8.5 million)

Al Capone’s former mansion on the market for £5.6m ($8.5 million)

A seven-bed mansion once owned by gangster Al Capone has been put up for sale in Miami.

The property has captured the public's eye, having been host to glitzy parties thrown by the infamous crime lord.

Purchased by 'Scarface' in 1928, it was used as a sunshine retreat following his move from Chicago.

During Capone's rein, Miami's location was strategically important due to its proximity to Havana and Cuba - popular smuggling destinations for then-banned alcohol.

With high walls and thick iron doors, the house still bares the marks of an owner who valued enhanced security.

Later owners have since modified the property, with its traditional Art Deco powder room complemented by a number of modern touches.

Its stylish white marble outlay and large swimming pool - not to mention queue of potential suitors - reflect Miami's rise as a property powerhouse.

While Florida experienced some of the worse price falls during the crisis, Miami is now bucking this trend.

Indeed, the East Coast Capital has reinvented itself.

No longer just a retirement destination, it has attracted a number of influential groups to its shores. Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon and Madonna all have homes here, while British artist Tracey Emin recently added her name to its famous residents. Meanwhile, global brands such as Soho House have also established branches here.

Ultimately, growing popularity has seen successive growth in Miami over several quarters.

While Capone and the like may be long gone, the appeal of the mansion - and its surrounding area - is here to stay.

The property itself is available through Sotheby's International Realty.

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