Can't decide whether to buy a property in the UK or abroad?

Can't decide whether to buy a property in the UK or abroad?

The team from Freeform Productions are searching for people to take part in the next series of A Place in the Sun: Home or Away?

If you've been thinking about buying a property abroad and can't make the decision to go for it or stay in the UK, then the experts on A Place in the Sun might be able to help.

The team will be filming in Portugal, the Canaries and southern Spain during March and April and are looking for people to take part.

To be considered for the show, you must be seriously considering buying a property in one of these destinations and realistically have financing available to you.

Those selected to appear on the show will benefit from the help of a team of experienced property researchers, advice on what to buy and how to do it from the presenter and other experts involved with the show. Your travel and accommodation expenses for the filming period will be covered by the production company.

To apply, email [email protected] giving as much information about yourself as you can and include details of the type and location of the property you are searching for and the budget you have available to spend.

Due to the large volume of applicants, only those selected for a screen test will be contacted.


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