A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun - Cape Coral, Florida, USA


A Place in the Sun

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Jonnie Irwin has one of his biggest ever budgets to find Tim and Elaine a holiday retreat in the exclusive boat-lovers paradise of Cape Coral in Florida

More about Tim and Elaine and their property search

In today's A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Tim and Elaine are househunting in Florida's Cape Coral with Jonnie IrwinTim and Elaine from Torquay are a boating mad couple who originally met on the marina twenty years ago and have enjoyed taking to the waves ever since. With a £300,000 budget they have finally decided to treat themselves to a house in the South West of Florida in Cape Coral, one of the state’s most exclusive areas, where the yachting set rules and retired couples flock.

However- they may be in for a shock. The area’s exclusivity means that prices here have began to increase, unlike much of Florida, and waterfront property has particularly held its value.

With this in mind will Tim and Elaine be able to find the luxury home of their dreams without breaking the bank?

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